About Capitol Coatings

Capitol Coatings is an established, innovative and leading commercial painting company

Capitol coatings provide interior and exterior painting services to customers across South East Queensland.  Our expert team provide reliable and professional service using many premium leading paint products to suit your needs.

Capitol Coatings was established by managing director James Festa. The company has expanded immensely since starting and offers an array of services to many different clients, including;


  • Construction companies
  • Body corporate
  • Residential owners
  • Real estate agencies
  • Government

We are consistently recognized for our prompt and reliable service which makes our ability to manage and work so seamless. Our clients and industry partners appreciate our work ethics as we work to a budget with attention to detail as well as providing valuable product choices.

As a company we are heavily involved with helping the community through sponsoring local sporting clubs and charity organisations.  We are also environmentally conscious practising sustainable and eco-friendly labor.

As a company, we are consistently performing at high standards of work with years of experience and knowledge that is applied to every job we complete. Considered one of Queensland’s top painting company we can assure that every customer will be highly satisfied with the customer service experience and job itself.

James, Managing Director



James is the managing director of Capitol Coatings and is in charge of pretty much everything!

After working within the family company for many years starting at a young age, James decided he wanted to branch out and start his own company to achieve great things in the painting industry.

He believes that Capitol Coatings is a painting business that embodies a true family run company that strives for excellent client satisfaction and quality work.

Through dedication and hard work James has expanded his company rapidly and continues to show great success in all projects he completes.

Prearena - Capitol coatings staff


Meet Prearena, a dynamic force dedicated to enhancing every facet of Capitol Coatings’ development and marketing strategies, propelling the company to new heights. Freshly equipped with a degree from the university, Prearena is fueled by an unwavering enthusiasm for overcoming challenges. Her primary focus revolves around steering the company towards the pinnacle of success as the premier painting company in Brisbane.


Anouska is an administrative expert who brings a wealth of knowledge to Capitol Coatings. One of her main roles and probably most important role within the company is keeping the boys in check, which she does quite easily on a day to day basis. She also ensures that our contracts and accounts are dealt with in a professional and speedy manner.

Chris - Capitol Coatings Foreman


Chris, a seasoned foreman with fifteen years of experience in painting, brings a wealth of expertise and precision to every project. His commitment to excellence, deep knowledge of painting techniques, and efficient leadership make him an invaluable asset. With a passion for the craft, Chris transforms visions into impeccably painted realities, ensuring top-notch results in every endeavor.

admir, project manager


Admir, a skilled project manager with a proven track record, brings twenty years of expertise to the table. His proficient organizational skills and strategic approach ensure seamless coordination and successful execution of painting projects. Admir’s commitment to delivering high-quality results within specified timelines makes him an exceptional leader.

paul, painter


Meet Paul, a dedicated painter with fifteen years of hands-on experience in the craft. With a keen eye for color and detail, he transforms surfaces into works of art, leaving a lasting impression. Paul’s commitment to delivering precise and aesthetically pleasing finishes makes him an essential contributor to the success of every painting project.



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